NOISE POLLUTION Essays in English

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NOISE POLLUTION Essays in English:

Loudspeakers are a great nuisance. They spread noise pollution which affects human nerves and can make a person, especially an infant, deaf or perhaps even dumb.

No doubt, we have several other agents that spread noise pollution such as horns of motor vehicles, buzzers and hooters of factories, noises of people in markets, high volumes of TV and radio sets , jugging sounds of tractors, scooters and generators, etc. but the blaring of loudspeakers are the most obnoxious of them all.

People have no sense of realizing that silence and tranquility are gold and even the best speech is only silver.

Day in and day out, people in disregard of any social norms, start blaring film songs on festivals and functions. On such occasions, they think they have got the right and license to disturb the people.

The infants, the patients and the students are the most affected class. The poor students who have to appear for some examination cannot concentrate on studies. The patients can’t get a blink of sleep.

Loudspeakers, including those used for religious purposes, must be banned if the government have any real regard for people’s health.

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