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Every Sunday I take a bath in the canal which is a few kilometres away from my house. Before going to the canal, I have a walk in the garden which lies adjacent to the canal.

Last Sunday, early in the morning I was having a walk in the garden. I heard a loud cry from outside the garden. It had come from the canal side. It was the cry of an old woman who seemed to be in great distress.

Without thinking for a moment,I rushed towards the canal. Indeed, I found an old woman standing their on the bank of the canal. She was again crying loudly.

I went to her and asked her the reason for her being so miserable. She could not utter a word but pointed with her finger to the middle of the canal.

As I cast my glance there, to my horror, I found a child drowning in the canal. Without a moment’s hesitation, I jumped into the canal. Fortunately, I had learnt swimming and was quite good at that.

I caught hold of the child in my arms and put him on my back. I at once swam back towards the bank.

As I reached the bank, the old lady’s eyes glistened and she could not withhold the tears of joy. But the child was unconscious and clearly it was not yet the proper moment for rejoicing. I assured the old lady that I would do whatever I could to save the life of the child.

I put the belly of the child on a stone which was lying nearby. As the excessive water in his stomach came out through his mouth, he opened his eyes. Now, the old lady’s and, of course, my joy knew no bounds.

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