SPORTS IN SCHOOL Essays in English

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SPORTS IN SCHOOL Essays in English:

A student who is good in sports as well as in academics, develops an overall personality which is reflected in his or her life.

It gives him strength, a sense of discipline and how to associate with other players. School sports make school life more interesting also.

Now a days all the colleges and schools have sports as a parts of compulsory curriculum. So for this purpose schools have big playgrounds. They have big playgrounds to accommodate games like football, hockey and cricket.

Some schools also provide their students games like basketball, volleyball, table tennis, lawn tennis and badminton.

School sports play a very important role in teaching a student team spirit. They teach a student to play the game for the sake of playing and not for the sake of winning. So spirit of healthy competition and discipline is taught to the students.

Some schools even have gymnasium to develop a child’s physique and mind. A student can apply the sportsman spirit in his everyday life also and learn to accept defeats with a smile. Sports also teach us that practice makes a man perfect and hard-work really pays in the end.

School and college sports also help the student to choose career in sports itself. They can become professional sportsman.

Sports also help students in careers in Armed Forces. So school sports should be encouraged and concerned authorities should see to it that schools make proper provision for this.

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