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Discipline is the be-all and end all of life. Life without discipline is no life. Just as an unpruned garden is no garden but only a wild forest, life without discipline is mere existence which even inanimate objects and animals and bacteria have.

So, to make human life worthwhile, discipline has to be observed. Nature follows all laws of discipline. It is thus that the sun rises and sets and the flowers bloom and wither.

The first lessons of disciplines are learnt at home when the child is taught to obey his parents, elders and teachers. When the children or young people  play  in  the  field  or  even  in  the  street, they follow certain rules of team-spirit.

This set of rules is a part of the spirit of discipline, prodded these are followed in all sincerity.

Discipline is not denial of liberty. In fact, discipline and liberty go hand in hand. If we want liberty for ourselves, we have to grant liberty to others also as others may also demand it in equal measure.

That can lead to chaos. So, we have to make a compromise and that is discipline. In other words, we have voluntarily to curtail a part of liberty that we want and others have likewise to do so for our sake. Thus, discipline ensure smooth flow of life.

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