The Mughais (1526-1540 and 1555-1857)

general knowledge

The Mughais (1526-1540 and 1555-1857) General Knowledge:

  • The Mughul era began with the Babur’s victory over Ibrahim Lodi in the First Battle Of Panipat in 1526.’
  • Babur was from the princely family of mixed Mongol and Turkish blood.
  • He died in 1530.
  • Humayun succeeded Babur at the young age of 23 in 1530.
  • He was defeated in the Battle of Chausa (1539) and Battle of Kanauj (1540) by Sher Shah Suri who became the ruler of Agra and Delhi.
  • The Humayun’s Tomb was built by his widow Haji Begum in Delhi,
  • Humayun’s sister Gulbadan Begum wrote Humayunnama.
  • He died in 1556.
  • The real name of Sher Shah was Farid.
  • During the siege of the fort of Kalinjar one of the cannons accidentally went off killing him on 26th of May 1535.
  • He was buried in Sasaram (Bihar).
  • He built Purana Qila in Delhi,
  • Bairam Khan became the Wakil oj the kingdom with the title of Khan-i-Khana,
  • Akbar was crowned at Kalanaur at the age of 13 years in 1556.
  • Akbar reoccupied Delhi and Agra in the second battle of Panipat with Hemu, a general of Adil Shah in 1556.
  • Akbar built many buildings like Agra Fort (1565), Lahore Palace (1572), fatehpur Sikri, Buland Darwaza and Allahabad Fort (1583),
  • He died in 1605.

Nine Jewels or Nav-Ratnas of Akbar

  1. Abdul Rahim – Hindi Scholar
  2. Abdul Fazal – Chief Advisor
  3. Birbal – Wittiness
  4. Tansen – Singer
  5. Todar Mal – Finance Minister
  6. Mullah Do Piaza – Advisor
  7. Raja Man Singh – General (Senapati)
  8. Faizi – Poet
  9. Hamim Humam – Physician

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