THE POSTMAN Paragraph in English


THE POSTMAN Paragraph in English:

The postman is a government servant. Today every part of the country has a post office. Each post office has several parts under its area. One postman is the incharge of that part. The postman wears khakhi uniform during his duty. He has a bag on his shoulder. He carries letters parcels and telegrams in it. People wait for him eagerly for their dak. His duty is very hard. He has to perform his duty whether it k sunshine or rain. He collects letters from his post office. He brings letters from our relatives. He brings bad as well as good news for us. He some times read out the letters to those who are unable to read. In rural areas, the duty of a postman is harder. He has to cover very long area. He still perform his duty honesty and sincerely. He is regular and punctual. The pay of a postman is small. But his duties are hard. He has a few holiday. He should be pad batter.

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