Meaning and Definition Unit Structure

The word communication originates from the Latin word ‘communis’ which means ‘common’. Communion, community, communism, commonality, communalism etc. are some related words having the same linguistic roots. Similarly, newer and newer terms are being coined as the concept of communication assumes importance day by day. Communication technology, communication media, communication age, communication management are just a few. As the very term indicates, the ultimate aim of the communication process is to create commonness between communicator and receiver of the message. Through communication, both communicator and receiver enter into a mental agreement. Thus, they achieve their goal, which may be expression of an emotion or transmission of an idea.

Now let us look at some definitions of communication:

  1. According to Oxford English Dictionary, communication is ‘the transfer or conveying of meaning’ (Oxford Dictionary).
  2. Communication is the transmission and interchange of facts, ideas, feeling or course of action. (Leland Brown)
  3. Communication is a process of sharing or exchange of ideas, information, knowledge, attitude or feeling among two or more persons through certain signs and symbols.
  4. Communication is a mechanism through which human relations exist and develop. (Wilbur Schramm).

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